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Ease of use across the board

L-R: Portfolio manager Jens Werner with MobileConnect; and product manager Kai Tossing with SpeechLine

Audio systems for an entire university campus or company premises are on the Sennheiser stand this year, with the company showing how easily audio can be deployed, integrated, controlled and maintained.

Head of product management Kai Tossing told the ISE Daily that Sennheiser’s SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system is now expanded by a multichannel receiver. “The wireless microphone system now comes in a square box more familiar to IT professionals, making installation easier and quicker,” he said.

Also on demonstration is the latest generation of the company’s MobileConnect assistive listening system, which aims to provide students with a fully inclusive and individually adaptable listening experience.

Ron Holtdijk, director of business communications at Sennheiser, added: “We see the integration of technologies and inclusion of people as being crucial goals that inspire our focus. Our microphone and streaming solutions help our customers achieve these objectives, covering all audio and communication requirements on campus, whether it’s for lecture halls, smaller seminar rooms or even conference rooms.”