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AV conferencing: seven solutions to improve efficiency

To increase meeting productivity in a variety of environments, manufacturers are upgrading audio and video conferencing solutions with features such as echo cancellation, touch functionality and BYOD capability.

Sennheiser combines portability with connectivity

The TeamConnect Wireless is a portable audio conferencing solution for up to 24 participants. It provides ease of use so anyone can use it anywhere as well as quick setup and multiple connectivity options for BYOD capability.

The system is made up of four units, one master and three satellites that are wirelessly linked by a DECT connection and can be transported in a durable charging case. The touch control panel on the master unit allows users to connect devices and control calls, while the satellite units have touch controls for muting or adjusting volume.

Participants can connect their own Bluetooth smart device or computer wirelessly, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices simple. Wired connections are also possible via USB for web and video conferencing, so the solution can fit into a broad range of hardware setups.

The TeamConnect Wireless also supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, which allows additional callers to join an existing conference by connecting another device.

beyerdynamic extends voice pick up

The Classis RM 31 Q is a new desktop microphone for use in conferencing environments, roundtable discussions and on lecterns and podiums.

It uses patented Revoluto technology with integrated microphone capsules, which provides a ‘corridor’ characteristic and ensures a wide range of voice quality. The principal of Revoluto technology is based on microphone array technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in a vertical row, which creates a greater distance for voice pick up.

The Classis RM is used with Quinta and Orbis units, and has the flexibility to allow two participants to move freely away and towards the microphone stood up or sat down with consistent speech intelligibility.

Additionally, in discreet ceiling installations the Classis has the ability to optimise gain before feedback.

Polycom promotes greater meeting engagement

The RealPresence Centro system includes four touchscreen displays, all with an intuitive interface resembling those featured on smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, Polycom has made the display screens for all products the same so that the user experience is replicated across all the different solutions.

Designed to put people at the centre of collaboration, the Centro allows for natural interaction between parties as everyone is able to sit around multiple screens and cameras, which adapt and move as participants walk around the room. Movement is not restricted by the system as participants can get up and brainstorm on an interactive whiteboard and the system will automatically keep you on screen and audible.

The circular setting promotes greater involvement from remote participants and those sat furthest away as everyone feels engaged and in a more natural setting, which make meetings more productive and efficient.

The solution is also quick to install, unlike traditional room-based systems, making it more cost effective for partners.

High-directive sound from Bosch

At the heart of the DCN multimedia system is the IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture, making use of fully standardised network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance.

The system can be expanded with OMNEO audio devices and a wide range of products supporting Dante technology. Enhanced functionalities can also be added to the multimedia conference devices via software and integrating third-party or custom-made apps.

All audio and control data moving through the system is securely encrypted and protected against tampering and unauthorised access.

The high-resolution, capacitive touchscreens provide users with the information they need, allowing participants to share documents, retrieve and display presentations as well as access the internet.

The system includes excellent sound quality and intelligibility due to high-directive technology within the microphone and the built-in, two-way loudspeaker system. Additionally, advanced audio settings deliver optimised room equalisation, while integrated Acoustic Feedback Suppression supports higher volumes without compromising speech intelligibility.

Televic provides install-friendly options

The Video-IN and Video-OUT Boxes allow the user to extract one or more video streams in a conferencing setting without the need for extra cables, protocols and hardware. A Video-IN/OUT Box can be placed anywhere on the Plixus network using the existing Cat5e conference cables.

The size of the Boxes makes them easy to install, even when space is limited, providing installers and integrators with greater flexibility. In addition, they are self-sufficient not requiring external power, further broadening install options.

The Video-IN and Video-OUT Boxes include two conference network ports for Cat 5e cables, and an HDMI IN or OUT port to add a laptop screen as a stream available on the network and there are no interfacing restrictions imposed.

The Boxes can handle up to six conference network streams in full HD (1080p/60) with a delay of fewer than a single frame, allowing all participants to cycle between streams in real time aiding the decision-making process.

For interpreters, a Video-OUT Box used with a video stream selector, allows them to have clear, lip-synced images available and having the speaker in full view helps the pickup non-verbal information.

Biamp targets forward compatibility

A major point of difference with the Devio is the 360° beamforming microphone, achieved using the three 120° microphones, which enables the device to track the participants in the room that are speaking, even if they are moving.

Devio comes with an auto-setup feature that will automatically set the acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and automatic gain control (AGC), and checks the hardware connections to ensure strong audio reproduction.

It supports both PC and Mac platforms and is forward compatible to accommodate changes in software conferencing preferences. A single USB connection also simplifies installation and users can connect a laptop to two in-room displays, via a single USB, for local presentations.

Devio’s System Administration utility helps tech managers see the status of all Devio devices on the network including indicators for power, mic connectivity, auto-setup and USB connections.

Shure delivers voice clarity from above

Offering DSP that facilitates Shure’s Steerable Coverage technology, the Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array microphone elevates conferencing sound by providing up to eight separate lobes to accurately capture voices from above.

The MXA910 provides a single command room recall and presets for multiple meeting room configurations as well as on board control software, automatic mixing and equalisation.

It is also claimed to be the only single data cable Ceiling Array microphone on the market providing the transmission of audio, power (PoE), control and network connection over one cable.

Steerable Coverage technology enables the microphone in the array to automatically find and capture the speaker also eliminating background noise such as HVAC and projectors.

Dante networking allows Microflex Advance to integrate into existing IT infrastructures with control strings for third-party controllers that are compatible with accepted protocols like AMX and Crestron.