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Sennheiser hits the road with immersive audio deal

The company has announced a partnership with car manufacturer CUPRA that will bring immersive audio to its new electric SUV

Sennheiser has announced a partnership with CUPRA that will see the car manufacturer’s first all-electric SUV coupe, CUPRA Tavascan, fitted out with an immersive sound installation.

Both companies say that the collaboration is set to “redefine the in-car audio experience and push the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive space”. The CUPRA Tavascan is an all-electric SUV coupe featuring advanced technology such as a state-of-the-art 15-inch infotainment system that is the largest ever seen in a CUPRA model. The system is complemented by a newly designed and developed human machine interface (HMI), allowing for interaction with the car’s various functions. The Tavascan is equipped with a high-fidelity 12-speaker audio system, with Sennheiser bringing its expertise and experience into the automotive space with AMBEO Concerto, the company’s latest software innovation for immersive audio.

“Both brands share a deep passion for music as an integral part of their brand identity. Through this partnership, we aim to unlock the full potential of audio in-car entertainment,” said Veronique Larcher, director of Sennheiser Mobility. “Our approach is disruptive, rebellious, and unconventional, which is reflected in the unique sound experience we’ve created for the CUPRA Tavascan.”

Dr. Werner Tietz, executive vice-president for R&D at CUPRA, added, “We are thrilled to have Sennheiser on board, with their expertise in creating innovative audio solutions that have shaped the sound of modern entertainment and earned the company a distinguished reputation as the product of choice for music icons worldwide. Our vision in 2019 was to reinvent electrification. We wanted to show the world that electric cars could be fun and sexy, with a great design, while providing unique sportiness. It was a dream back then, but with the CUPRA Tavascan, that dream is now a reality. Not only does our Tavascan look great, but it also sounds amazing, thanks to Sennheiser’s exceptional audio expertise.”