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Albiral: Dynamic revamp for retractable screens

Arthur Holm’s new DynamicX2 has been re-designed to become the slimmest aluminium-built retractable monitor on the market. The Dynamic3 series has also been re-designed, with a new mechanical system to reduces noise and provide smoother movements.

The DynamicX2 series offers silent, fast, reliable, individually addressable and remotely diagnosable monitors, which are compatible with multiple sources and provide a safety system that stops the mechanism in case of resistance.

The monitors provide automatic adjustable tilting using a patented system that requires only one engine. This means fewer components, higher reliability (five-year warranty), reduced noise and no maintenance. The passive coverplate prevents dirt or objects from falling inside the mechanism and the lift system has different speed levels depending on the screen position, which avoids abrupt movements.

The DynamicX2 and Dynamic3 both now integrate an Interactive Setup Display that allows individual addressing (30 monitors can be individually controlled through one port), shows on the LCD screen the command it has received, and helps to optimise installation time and costs. A secondary menu allows speed adjustment and auto calibration.

There is also a new version of the AHnet software, which controls and diagnoses any installation of Arthur Holm Dynamic products. It allows the creation of user memories so that the room can be quickly set up for different uses. Its auto check function loads test files and the system can send an alarm by email, if a unit is failing, with the cause of the malfunction. It can remotely check up to 900 screens simultaneously before an event.