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DirectOut reveals return of the Prodigy

Pro audio connectivity, networking and bridging solution specialist DirectOut is showcasing its new Prodigy.MP, which is the latest in the Prodigy series of audio converters. The range is spearheaded by the modular Prodigy.MC.

Prodigy.MP is a multifunction audio processor that shares its 2U-high compact mainframe and modular design with the Prodigy.MC, but adds FPGA-based DSP for EQ, delays and summing matrices as well as SRC capabilities.

The unit has four eight-channel converter slots for analogue line-level, microphone and AES3 option modules. It also contains two MADI slots configurable with BNC, SC and SFP and two optional network audio boards that can be equipped with Dante, Ravenna (AES67) or SoundGrid.

The Prodigy Series can be controlled locally via a 5in touchscreen on the front panel, or via globcon, a unified remote-control platform for all DirectOut devices. The series can be also managed via integrated web server and third-party remote-control protocols may be added for increased system integration.

The Prodigy.MC is also being demonstrated on the stand. Furthermore, the company’s Andiamo AD/DA MADI converters have been bundled with Exbox.MD to add network audio and network control to both the current and the legacy Andiamo devices, with DO.Net daemon added to the Exbox.MD Dante/MADI interface.

Stand: 15-R267