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Digital twin, cloud IoT and ESG on the Smart Building Conference agenda

Smart Building Conference (SBC) returns to ISE on Tuesday 31 January, with a two-track agenda covering all the key talking points across the sector.

Sponsored by KNX, the conference kicks off at 10:30 in room CC5.1 with a keynote panel entitled ‘The Best is Yet to Come’. This will feature Elizabeth C. Nelson, co-founder & head of research and innovation at Smart Building Collective; Erik Ubels, senior consultant at MetisReal; and Claire Penny, director of global partnerships at Invicara.

Ubels will return at 11:50 with a presentation that not only covers the tech aspect of smart buildings, but also considers related developments in construction, the integration of smart tools, and the smartness of sensors.
After a networking lunch, sessions split into two tracks. Track one begins with John Brough, director of European operations at Delta, discussing ‘Cloud IoT Connectivity with UDMI Schema’, a pioneering philosophy to tame IoT by providing a structured, secure and well-defined methodology for connecting devices to cloud IoT servers.

Other highlights include ‘ESG: Bringing Together Data, People & Buildings’ with Patrick Edwards, CEO of Neowit, and ‘Making Europe’s Connected Building Standard’ with José Luis Fernández Carnero, managing director of strategy, Televes Corp and vice-chairman Electronics Industry Committee, AMETIC.

Track two, meanwhile, will be exploring ‘The Blueprint for a Smart Building’ with Tyson Soutter, director global business development at Clockworks Analytics, and addressing the role of the system integrator in smart building projects with Tobias Enders, CEO – GMS Global Media Services, in ‘Smart Building System Integration: Turning Ideas into Reality’.

Attendees will then unite for the final session of the day, ‘Digital Twins – The Next Frontier for Smart Buildings’. Here Invicara’s Claire Penny will look at the opportunity for digital twins, composable solutions that bring together information from all systems to deliver contextual information on a single pane of glass for seamless command and control, driving down capex and opex in asset operations.

View the full Smart Building Conference agenda.

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