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Dataton reveals new possibilities with WATCHNET

Dataton's WATCHNET allows users to manage an unlimited number of WATCHOUT system with an interface with varying levels of complexity. The server software can be used for custom control, scheduling and managing WATCHOUT multi-display shows.

Claiming to bring new creative possibilities to producers and integrators, Dataton’s WATCHNET – being demonstrated at ISE 2014 – is described as powerful multi-tasking server software for custom control, scheduling and managing of Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display shows.

“With WATCHNET, you can manage an unlimited number of WATCHOUT systems with an interface that’s as simple or as complex as you – or your client – want,” said Mike Fahl, chief software architect at Dataton. “You create the front-end to the system using the drag-and-drop designer tool for panels, such as iPads or iPhones. WATCHNET gives you both scheduling and direct control of WATCHOUT, including auxiliary functions like power and DMX lighting.”

WATCHNET enables interactive control from an unlimited number of panels (iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and Windows Surface or Mac/Windows laptop/desktop computers) by leveraging the latest in network and HTML5 technologies. The software features a Windows- and Mac-based GUI designer which lets the user combine text, images, buttons, sliders and other widgets across multiple panels and pages in custom compositions. Functions are assigned from a library of pre-configured actions with a simple drag-and-drop.

WATCHNET is used to control WATCHOUT shows running on display PCs or Dataton’s WATCHPAX media player. It can manage an unlimited number of systems, including power, lighting and other auxiliary functions in a WATCHOUT show in applications such as large-scale installs in multiple rooms in a museum or corporate headquarters. With a single iPad in reception the user can start, control and manage all the WATCHOUT shows from a custom-designed interface. For more advanced uses, WATCHNET offers direct control of WATCHOUT timelines and inputs, with full feedback, to monitor performance.

Stand: 11-F80