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Creating enriched educational environments

ListenPoint 2.0 is the latest iteration of the ListenPoint system for students and educators from Listen Technologies. According to the company, this system offers students and educators the opportunity to create enriched educational environments with an enhanced set of features, more flexibility and competitive pricing.

Providing classrooms with the ability to enhance lessons with music, sound effects, internet, video and VoIP/Skype capabilities for virtual fieldtrips around the world, ListenPoint 2.0 is also said to make it incredibly easy to seamlessly integrate with Listen Technologies’ Assistive Listening Systems, such that students with hearing loss can hear every word.

According to the company, ListenPoint 2.0 has a scalable system for every classroom, and due to their flexible nature, systems can grow as a classroom’s needs evolve. There are numerous options, Listen Technologies says, whether it’s a basic system, fully integrated, or something in between.

When compared to others in the K-20 Soundfield market, the company claims that ListenPoint 2.0 also provides the most competitive pricing for its advanced set of features, and is incredibly simple and intuitive to install and maintain over time.

“We are incredibly pleased to offer ListenPoint 2.0, because it meets the mission of educating students, which we consider to be among the most important pursuits,” said Russell Gentner, CEO of Listen Technologies.

“ListenPoint 2.0 provides students with the enhanced educational experience they deserve, helping shape innovative, creative and extraordinary minds.”