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Control Rooms Summit ISE debuts

We’re just a few weeks away from the launch of Control Rooms Summit ISE. With the theme ‘How Better Integrated AV Will Save And Protect Lives’, the conference will offer unprecedented insights into the potential for the AV sector to effect lasting changes to the world of control rooms

The conference is aimed both at end users in the control rooms sector, to introduce them to the potential of AV; and at AV channel attendees, so they can learn more about the requirements of this type of installation.

With AVIXA’s Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) research predicting 5% CAGR annual growth in the sector over the coming years, control rooms remain a fertile market for the AV industry.

Staged in association with the International Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA) and chaired by ICCRA Chairman Peter Prater, Control Rooms Summit ISE will review the role of the numerous AV technologies typically deployed in the control room environment – displays, networking, signal management (including KVM), surveillance video, sensors and analytics – and look at the increasing importance of ease of use.

Expert presenters will discuss business and technology strategies for control rooms across a wide range of vertical markets, including utilities, transportation, government and public services. Also under review will be the changing technology landscape, with delegates able to acquire a fuller understanding of what’s possible. 

Prater, whose career cover 35 years in the industry, has observed consolidation and centralisation in the control room landscape over the past decade. Organisations that previously ran multiple control rooms across different sites are increasingly operating with fewer and larger control rooms.

This has been driven both by cost-saving initiatives and also by improvements in technology, such as the shift from analogue to digital radio control systems. 

Among the emergency services, Prater sees more rationalisation on the horizon, with closer collaboration between different emergency services and other mission-critical utility services such as water or waste.

“The idea of shared control rooms and greater collaboration between emergency services, utilities and local authorities is definitely one that’s gaining force as we move towards a smart city-type of environment,” he comments. “It will prompt disparate agencies to start coming together in terms of sharing data but they will also have to consider different permission controls and levels of access.”

Control Rooms Summit ISE takes place 09:00 -13:00 on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to book, visit