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Control from on high

The FIBARO Mount Everest Challenge, powered by Z-Wave, was launched at ISE 2015 and will involve Polish mountaineer Mariusz Malkowski’s ascending Mount Everest to control his home from the top of the world.

Malkowski, a 40-year-old technical services manager at Sigma Designs and member of the 200-member Z-Wave Alliance, will start his solo ascent this April from the Southern Nepali side, with no supplemental oxygen or high-altitude porters.

From there, he will drive FIBARO and other Z-Wave powered devices in different home automation scenes, located on the other side of the globe in Las Vegas, using only his smartphone. Last year, Malkowski performed a similar feat from the top of Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world.

Visitors to a newly launched ‘Mount Everest Challenge’ Facebook and web page are invited to use an integrated app to remotely lock the doors in Malkowski’s home before his departure, turn off the electricity, and shut off the lights and water.