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Charvet debuts iGirouette wayfinding solution at ISE 2016

iGirouette, a connected, rotating directional sign for wayfinding by first time exhibitor Charvet Digital Media, is being used as show signage at ISE 2016. These 360° rotating arrows can be used both indoors and outdoors to display locations, times, distances and travel modes.

Targeted at applications such as cities, airports, train stations, retail outlets, university campuses, exhibition, leisure parks and large industrial sites, these signs aim to create a ‘wow’ effect and to prove more attractive than static signs.

iGirouette features double sided LED displays on two arrows rotating around a central axis and displaying different messages in text, logo or animation format.

A software solution enables the creation and scheduling of messages at their associated location, while an API creates a link to external information, for example open data such as real time transport information, client mobile applications or an existing iGirouette mobile app.

iGirouette can connect to social networks and can display information and personal messages in real time. It can identify various languages and change messages according to input. An application, available online or through a QR code, enables a connection to iGirouette through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

After two years of development, the first installation was completed in Autumn 2015 at the Paris Park Expo in France.

Stand: 8-F362