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Canon differentiates through increased productivity

In a projector world in which differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to find, Colin Boyle, product marketing specialist for projection at Canon, is clear about his company’s direction.

“For us, it’s about collaboration and partnership,” he said. “In the case of systems integrators, that means helping them do as well as possible by providing the features and functionalities that will make them more productive. For end-users, it’s about making their lives easier.”

As an example, he points out that new Canon projectors feature a WiFi capability that allows one projector to be set up, and to then share its settings with up to eight others. The company has also implemented a new form of lens fixing – ‘borrowed’ from its broadcast activities – that makes mounting a lens both faster and more secure. That, he says, is a boon to productivity in an edge blending application.

For end-users, Canon provides software that not only identifies the fault affecting a projector, but also how to fix it. This it ’borrowed’ from its photocopier business. Also for its end-users, it offers, for certain projector models, a next day loaner system in the event of projector failure.

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