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Brilliance provided by impeccable quality

The brand new PT-RQ50K projector from Panasonic combines a peak brightness of 50,000 ANSI lumens with ultra-sharp native 4K resolution in a compact housing and sets completely new standards in the field of Super High Brightness Laser Phosphor Projection.

The newly developed Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor Light unit is now based on both blue and red laser diodes, which in combination with phosphor provide an extended colour spectrum.

The new laser engine extends the colour gamut to 114% of the earlier pioneering PT-RQ32K, and achieves rich, vibrant colours. A new red laser amplifies two blue lasers that emit light with different wavelengths for high colour accuracy.

Combined with digital frame-by-frame control to manage light output according to scene contrast and brightness requirements, the PT-RQ50K delivers vibrant red and deep, natural blue tones for spectacular colour expressions on the screen. The results are more brilliant colours, coupled with 50,000 ANSI lumens, deliver breathtaking image quality and captivating images.

A filterless design combined with an encapsulated optical system enables maintenance-free use of up to 20,000 hours even under difficult conditions. With minimal noise, the projector offers flexibility for even the most demanding large-venue installations. The new HQ lenses and innovative features such as the NFC sensor technology, the video preview via network and the massively extended colour range courtesy of the red lasers make the device a future-proof extension for every product portfolio.

With the promising potential of the new PT-RQ50K, the Japanese manufacturer marks a milestone in the segment of native 4K Super High Brightness projectors and thus offers vast opportunities in the rental and staging market ,as well as in the fixed installation sector.