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Big stadium act launched

ISE 2015 is the global launch event for the large-scale, permanent installation, Stadia100 LA range of loudspeakers by Outline, aimed at venues such as sports stadia. Outline claims the new loudspeakers are an original design, capable of delivering up to 149dB with a peak input power handling of 8kW, coupled with highly accurate directional control over long distances.

Construction and finishing techniques developed specifically for long-term outdoor installation have also been used in the Stadia100 LA, notably Outline’s own outSIDE tough and waterproof elastoplastic coating.

Also on show is the iP48 iMode digital loudspeaker processor. Packing four inputs and eight outputs into a single unit of rackspace, the iP48 features WFIR filtering technology. The company claims the technology produces a more natural and lifelike audio response by distributing the frequency resolution over a semi-logarithmic scale.

Outline iP48 also offers raised-cosine filters. Compared to traditionally implemented parametric functions, these deliver improved transfer curve shaping, controlling intervention frequency bandwidth more precisely while maintaining minimum-phase response.