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ACT Entertainment to distribute PK Sound robotic line array systems

Companies partner to deliver high-end audio solutions in North America; industry veteran Ralph Mastrangelo joins ACT Team

ACT Entertainment, the industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of live performance and music equipment, will begin offering solutions from PK Sound, the robotic line array company, to customers in North America.

“As a Canadian manufacturer with a growing international profile, we were looking for a distribution partner in North America that could help augment sales in the territory, but also ultimately serve as a regional support centre for our network,” said Jeremy Bridge, CEO, PK Sound. “Working with ACT Entertainment opens our company up to new opportunities. This will be especially valuable as we continue to grow our business and product offerings in the coming years.”

Ben Saltzman, CEO, ACT Entertainment, added: “At ACT Entertainment, we are passionate about helping our clients realise their creative vision and are always on the lookout for cutting edge products. PK Sound’s unique, patented technology with robotic real-time control in both the vertical and horizontal plane is truly a one-of-a-kind, disruptive product. We are thrilled to introduce PK Sound as our first offering in the live sound market. Meeting Jeremy, James [Oliver, PK Sound CSO] and the entire PK Sound team strengthened my view that the brand is a perfect fit for ACT. I am proud to bring PK Sound to our clients and honoured to work alongside such a strong team.”