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Avocor and Logitech integrate for meeting systems

The screen of the ALZ system – a joint Avocor/Logitech comms set-up

The companies Avocor and Logitech have combined their collaboration technologies to deliver an integrated, easy-to-install Zoom Rooms for Touch communication system, known as ALZ, to connect teams all over the world.

The Avocor ALZ series combines Logitech’s MeetUp system with an Avocor display and Zoom-ready Avocor OPS i7, to enable secure communication as well as whiteboard annotation saving and sharing. ALZ offers audio and video, including front-facing audio, through MeetUp, to enable clear speech. 

Logitech’s MeetUp features a 4K camera with an extra-wide field-of-view and motorised pan/tilt lens to provide 160° of total room coverage, without the fisheye distortion that can plague some wide-angle cameras. 

The Avocor ALZ line-up is in three sizes – 65in, 75in and 86in – and in two performance options, IR and InGlass, giving six options in total. Both performance options feature 4K resolution and pixel-precise touch that most closely resembles writing on paper. 

The screen is anti-glare, so it can be added to virtually any room or space without concern about the impact of lighting. With whiteboarding precision down to the pixel, Avocor’s displays are 4K at 60Hz, which means not only crystal-clear images but also low-to-no lag. Every ALZ is paired with a hard-tip stylus, which allows for smooth drawing, writing and easy idea sharing between teams.