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AV Stumpfl announces next generation software

Announced yesterday by AV Stumpfl at ISE was the company’s next generation Wings Vioso RX software.

The company says it has taken Wings Engine Raw to a new level with full 8K (8x4K@60fps) uncompressed content playback and incorporating Wings Vioso RX at its core; the capability is being demonstrated on the AV Stumpfl stand.

“The render engine inside Wings Vioso RX is completely rewritten from scratch and is the result of an intensive five years of product design, development and beta testing,” said Fabian Stumpfl, project manager sales at AV Stumpfl (pictured).

Aimed at quick and easy adoption by existing users, the familiar user interface has been given an extensive facelift with several performance and feature optimisations.

The new render engine is based on x64 architecture and includes several base level algorithms, replacing standard operating system and driver functions.

“Show creators using Wings Vioso RX will benefit from the most accurate, perfectly synchronized and jitter-free content processing and playback,” said Stumpfl.

Another key feature is the introduction of AV Stumpfl’s new proprietary multiple master workflow. In real-time and regardless of physical location, multiple operators can work together collaboratively on projects using the same media server outputs. This means that one operator can control background projection while another can add overlays or add or change content live at runtime, even while the show is running.

This new workflow also provides a multi timeline functionality which allows to run concurrent timelines – synchronised or not – on the same system and on any number of layers.

AV Stumpfl has updated its media server portfolio to include a complete new range of products starting from entry level media servers for fixed installations up to the flagship Wings Engine Raw. All servers include Wings Vioso RX software.

Stand: 1-H6/G3