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Affordable, powerful tour guide system from Humantechnik

The xepton audio system for tour guides from the Audioropa division of the Humantechnik group claims the highest currently available quality in wireless transmission, thanks to its use of the 2.4GHz frequency band. High bitrates without loss through compression result in first-rate quality and clarity of sound, as well as a greatly reduced sensitivity to interference, the company claims.

The system consists of transmitters, receivers and transceiver units for portable use as well as a stationary transmitter and a repeater. This allows for various configurations as a one-directional presentation or tour guiding system for cultural centres, sporting venues or industrial sites

The xepton system can also be used in bi-directional communication and dialogue mode, for example in education, work teams or training. Both applications – uni- and bi-directional – allow simultaneous use in several groups, such as moderating in various languages or having multiple guided groups in one area.

The system has a transmission range of up to 300m and 20-hour battery life, and is simple enough that it can be operated by anyone, claims the company.

By focusing on the high-quality tour guide and two-way communication markets and avoiding extra ‘bells and whistles’, the company says it has also managed to keep the price very affordable.

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