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Former ISE keynote lights up Sphere

Refik Anadol has become the first artist to employ the LED exterior of Sphere in Las Vegas for his 'AI data sculpture' Machine Hallucinations: Sphere

Media artist Refik Anadol, who gave the opening keynote address at ISE 2022, is the first artist to utilise the Exosphere, the programmable LED exterior of Sphere in Las Vegas, to debut an “AI data sculpture” created exclusively for Sphere called Machine Hallucinations: Sphere. 

Refik Anadol is a renowned media artist who uses large collections of public data and machine learning algorithms to create dynamic and immersive art installations. He is the founder of Refik Anadol Studio, an award-winning technology-driven creative design studio based in Los Angeles, and his work has been exhibited at art venues for art around the world, such as MoMA, New York; Art Basel, Miami; and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. His opening keynote at ISE 2022 entitled Exploring the Heritage of Tomorrow was designed to show AV manufacturers how the products they make can be the tools of imagination and have a profound impact on public spaces.

Machine Hallucinations: Sphere, which started on Friday and runs for four months, is an immersive digital experience, celebrates Sphere’s unique architecture by featuring dynamic visualisations using vast amounts of data to create abstract imagery of space and nature. The two-chapter series, which Anadol refers to as “AI data sculptures”, is a multi-sensory experience that takes audiences on a journey of light, movement, and colour with vivid pigments, shapes, and patterns that invites viewers to imagine alternative realities constructed by invisible data movements around them. 

“I am extremely honoured to be the first artist to utilise the exterior of Sphere,” Anadol said. “It’s so exciting to be given such an architectural and engineering marvel as a canvas. This opportunity aligns perfectly with our studio’s long-term mission of embedding media arts into architecture to create living architectural pieces that are in constant interaction with their environments.” 

Sphere in Las Vegas opens on September 29 with the first of 25 performances of U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere.