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Shure brings wireless to historic conferencing facility

Shure Mircoflex Wireless delivers conferencing solution at the DOGA Foundation

A 100-year old historical machine hall situated in Oslo is home to Norway’s Design & Architectural (DOGA) foundation. DOGA is responsible for facilitating collaboration between creative talents and businesses, as well as promoting innovation and new ideas on the role of design and architecture throughout Norway.

The large main hall, dating back to 1898, needed a versatile and dependable system suitable for conferencing or seminar purposes – from single stage solo presentations through to larger conferencing situations, with multiple presentations held across various locations in the building. For these reasons, Shure Microflex Wireless was selected as the system of choice.

The unique space at DOGA is 340sqm wide and 8.5m high, which makes it a popular venue for hire when organising large conferences, seminars and parties. As an historic building steeped in heritage, DOGA was keen to keep the aesthetics of the space and physical installations as compact as possible.

Consideration also had to be given to the portability and flexibility of the system due to the various events held within the space.

“Working in the event business, we have a lot of different clients with various backgrounds and technical competence,” said Torstein Strand, technical manager and event coordinator at DOGA.

“Our goal with this installation was to transform our main space into a flexible and straightforward room to rent.”

Two Shure Microflex Wireless docking stations were deployed, along with two handheld microphones and six bodypacks, used either as a monitoring system or as microphone headsets.

Audio is delivered to the network using Dante and routed to the appropriate system as required, whether it’s the digital mixer and the PA in the main space or into recording software on a computer.

With the successful installation of Shure Microflex Wireless, the event coordinator is now able to offer eight channels of wireless audio throughout the entire hall, with an additional eight channels in the mezzanine of the hall, which is usually used for smaller meetings and presentations.

If additional wireless channels are required for bigger events, a second Microflex Wireless transceiver can be deployed to cover the space, creating 16 wireless channels.

Strand concluded: “The endless possibilities that accompany this system really complements our vision at DOGA: to be as flexible and efficient as we can be, catering to every need.”