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‘The perfect system solution’: Shure wireless systems deployed for Milan’s MiCo

The renowned MiCo Milan Convention Centre hosts over 500 events each year and is part of the Fiera Milano Group


Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless and QLX-D wireless systems have been deployed throughout an 18,000 seat, 65 room conference and exhibition venue that occupies over 54,000 square metres of exhibition space in Italy’s MiCo Milan Convention Centre.

The venue hosts over 500 events each year and is part of the Fiera Milano Group, one of the largest trade fair and exhibition organisers in the world and part of Fiera Milano Congressi, Italy’s leading international conference centre operator and venue management company.

In such a dynamic venue, the choice of wireless system was crucial in delivering best possible audio and intelligibility for the audience, especially with so many devices in daily operation throughout the venue space, as well as the potential for DVB-T interference. One of the top priorities was to have a system that ensures the reliability of at least 100 channels in action within less than 48 MHz usable space, with high transmission power to ensure long distance coverage inside the main theatres. Enabled DANTE devices were also requested in order to match the existing audio network of the main rooms.

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Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless microphone was selected by MiCo’s AV Technical department, along with Shure’s QLX-D wireless systems for small and medium-sized rooms.

For the RF planning set-up and for providing frequencies to guests and TV when needed, the team identified the Shure Wireless Workbench as the most powerful and flexible software.

“The challenge of this project was the complex nature and sheer size of the project: more than 30 meeting rooms,” said Francesco Alafaci of the MiCo A/V Technical Department.

“I asked the lead AV Microphones Technician to run a test in the MiCo space to try the sound quality and stress the RF reliability. I was impressed by the Shure wireless systems; both the QLX-D and ULX-D systems didn’t have any transmission issues at all, even in the crowded RF environment of our congress hall.”

Davide Del Piano, Prase’s Sales Area Manager, who assisted with the installation of the system added: “Our goal was to upgrade the wireless microphone system with 36 Shure ULX-D Channels and 64 QLX-D Channels, which we identified as the perfect system solution.

Piano concluded: “Both systems have shown exceptional reliability in various on-site tests, which is an essential feature for a saturated RF environment like a crowded conference centre.”