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× integrated tech tool kit launches in UK

The new online tool takes the hassle out of huddle room design with collaborative solutions for the modern workplace, an online platform for the design of huddle furniture with integrated technology, has launched in the UK. 

The platform is designed to serve as a one-stop shop for all things ‘Huddle’. Its website is a platform for some of the leading AV furniture manufacturers in the market, including the likes of TeamMate, Quadra, Dalen Top-Tec, Unicol, JM Furniture and Loxit. 

Comprising a selection of technology partners including Barco, Clevertouch, Logitech, ViewSonic and BenQ, guides end users through their design and technology choices to create an integrated and effective huddle space. A feature, dubbed ‘the decision tree matrix’, ensures that each and every step along the huddle room creation route can only lead down its own branch. So, if one piece of technology will only work in a particular set up, the decision tree matrix will ensure the end user only sees additional choices that work for the original option selected.

Visual guides are also included to track the project through to completion as new layers are added until a final room configuration is confirmed. A live chat feature is available to offer advice at any point in the process.

After the huddle room has been designed. has access to a team of installers across the UK to guarantee the project can be completed as soon as possible. Service support options are also available to ensure the optimum running of the huddle room over the long term, while users have the choice of either a Gold, Silver or Bronze package, depending on their needs.

Natalie Barnett, managing director at, said: “Huddle rooms are an incredibly useful space in a number of environments, but to fulfil their true potential it’s important to ensure they have the right technology and furniture installed to aid communication and collaboration. With end users can quickly and simply design their ideal huddle room, safe in the knowledge that their choices will work effectively within the space. With our wide range of technology partners we have options to suit every space and every budget, offering displays, touchpanels, cameras, microphones, speakers and AV furniture – everything the modern huddle room needs.”

The full list of technology partners at launch is: Barco, BenQ, Clevertouch, Dalen Top Tec, JM Furniture, Unicol, Loxit, Quadra, Logitech, NEC, Poly and TeamMate.