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Clevertouch introduces array of web resources for surviving lockdown

The company has produced a number of videos and services to help people working through lockdown

Clevertouch has produced a range of online tools and resourced to help people learn and work more effectively from home during lockdown.

With the global coronavirus pandemic affecting people’s working and learning habits all over the world, many are seeking out online tools and resources for assistance during lockdown. And Clevertouch is one of many companies providing a variety of services to help people through this most difficult and unpredictable of times.

The company is currently giving away 60-day licences to STAGE, a platform that allows users to video chat with groups of people, screenshare, and annotates in real-time. Suitable for virtual meetings, or for group hangouts. 60-day licences are available here.

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Meanwhile, a new section of the Clevertouch Academy has been launched, where you can go through online modules in Clevertouch hardware and software classes. These modules are free, and you can work towards receiving an accredited certification. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, for companies or schools with digital signage or CleverMessage enabled displays, Clevertouch has created a selection of templates that are free to download via the platform. These templates are to encourage safe working measures during difficult times. 

In addition, the company is offering educational videos for young children as part of its Learn From Home initiative. Gareth Middleton and Ryan Stapleton, both former teachers who switched careers to become Clevertouch tech ambassadors, have created a series of short video lessons specifically suited to children aged three to 11. 

Featuring Gareth and Ryan themselves, these fun interactive educational videos are there to provide parents with ways to keep kids busy and entertained and will provide a platform for learning that your tribe can get involved with beyond the end of the sessions.

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