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VisualDMX Frontier installed in new Utrecht club

Taking these requirements into account, Robert van Hees – owner of project supplier/installer SLR Productions (and a Visual Productions customer) – realised that it was also important that the customer have a foolproof system coupling low-service needs with creativity in lighting effects. Ultimately, van Hees decided that the best solution would be to use VisualDMX lighting control software triggered with the Frontier interface.

According to Visual Productions, U-Bar staff were so enamoured of the system and its interface that they elected to finalise the programming of the 16 presets themselves. With the lights programmed in VisualDMX and the sequences stored in the Frontier, the team can now select and change the lighting states quickly and effectively.

“U-Bar is very representative of the type of installations we’re seeing more and more of,” Maarten Engels, director of Visual Productions, told II. “It’s the kind of mid-sized venue that makes use of the LED – and lighting technology in general – that has become more available to these market segments in the past few years. Like others, the U-Bar has no technical lighting staff on duty; the lighting controller should facilitate this. In this case, the Frontier replay unit offers them a nice control dashboard to pick and adjust their lighting ‘moods’ without the risk of inadvertently erasing any of its programmed memory.”

Look out for the Benelux regional focus in the January 2008 issue of Installation Europe to find out more about Visual Productions’ latest projects.

PICTURE CREDIT: Robert van Hees