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Sound Projects in two halls of Dutch cultural centre

Dutch audio dealer Live Music installed its third system based on Sound Projects DreamLines in a year – this time in the totally renovated former iron factory Drufabriek complex in Ulft, The Netherlands.

Because of its typical early 1900 architecture and decisive regional influence in the last centuries the building is regarded as a major industrial heritage. The totally renovated factory buildings have been transformed into multidisciplinary cultural and social meeting places. There is a new theatre and a music & dance hall. But also a music school, practice rooms for bands, a library, a gallery, meeting rooms, a restaurant, etc. The theatre as well as the pop auditorium has been provided with Sound Projects DreamLines, augmented by 2x SP2-10 bass horns per side. Concealed pairs of triple 15inch supply the lowest octaves “windfacor”. There is an extra set of SP2-10 at hand for special (dance) events.

The other auditorium is built a traditional theatre. Here also Sound Projects DreamLines are installed, with one SP3-15 on the floor per side. Bart Smits (MD Live Music): “All audio elements are interchangeable and flexible. The SP3-15s can be used in both auditoria. If the stage in the Pop&Dance hall is removed, the whole PA can be rolled backwards, to the corners of the hall through a special construction that we designed.”

Smits continues: “We like to work with the Dreamline concept from Sound Projects more and more. First, you know you sell a reliable product. In the meanwhile I know exactly how the performance is and how people react to the sound. That is very positive. And of course a relationship of 20 years between Sound Projects and Live Music should not be wiped out and it is nice to have the service nearby. Simply expanding with bass bins and subs you can supply nearly every auditorium with this system.”

Both music halls in the Drufabriek have been acoustically designed by the Dutch company Live Acoustics. Paul van Zeeland of Live Acoustics: “The Pop&Dance hall is now totally dry, while in the theatre there is an RT60 of approx 1 second. The ceiling of the Pop&Dance hall has been furnished with a particular 7cm thick foam. The same foam that is applied in cinemas. The damping is perfect!”
An other challenge was encountered in the walls. Van Zeeland calculated that the walls should be solid, 20% open, with Rockwool behind the walls. Eventually the architect designed a wall with lighted words. The back wall is one large bass trap.
In the Theatre there is more acoustics. The walls are not solid but made of wood and mounted slantwise. Live Music did not only provide the Drufabriek with the SOUND PROJECS sound system, but also supplied the mixers (Soundcraft GB8, Yamaha M7CL and Midas Siena), EQs, compressors, gains, did all the wiring, etc.