QSC's ILA in demand in Korea

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The system is powered by QSC's ISA amplifier range with process control handled by a Rave 522aa, operating under the QSControl.net platform.

Among the other venues to have taken on ILA systems recently is the major conference room at the Kunsan Branch of the Korea Industrial Complex Corp in Cheolla Province. In this case, a total of six WL-2082-i line array speakers have been installed - three enclosures each side of the stage. The system is run bi-amped, with the top end driven by a CX302 and the mid/low taken care of by a CX702.

"Even though the tri-amp method that separates mid and low ranges is widely preferred, the bi-amp method became the better option for a conference room that is used for speech rather than performance," commented Sama ProSound's product manager, Carl Park. "It also helps the economics of the installation."