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Q+A: AdMobilize targets integrators with new analytics platform

At InfoComm this year, AdMobilize launchedan audience and crowd analytics platform to the commercial AV market. Following this, co-founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman (pictured) revealed further details about this new direction and where the company sees the technology leading.

Through a standard IP-based camera, the AdMobilize platform captures audience metrics such as impressions, views, average dwell time, gender, emotion, and feeds them in real-time to a web-based dashboard. AdMobilize is currently used in retail locations across the world, where it’s configured with in-store digital signage.

AdMobilize began by selling its platform to advertising agencies, but has developed its business model having realised a demand for audience analytics from commercial AV integrators – who can sell AdMobilize to customers in a number of vertical markets as a value-add and recurring revenue stream.

After experiencing success in the advertising and digital signage markets, why did you expand your focus to include AV integrators?

The expansion into the pro AV market has come naturally for us at AdMobilize. Our target market includes every digital display or electronic device on the planet. So while the digital signage industry is an obvious early adopter given its direct relevance, we’re moving into a time in which our solutions are extremely relevant to the pro AV market. Data analytics tools are growing in importance for businesses everywhere. Multiple industries are realising that data analytics is no longer an added service or a premium feature; it’s considered to be a must-have for every screen and connected device out there. This presents a huge opportunity for pro AV integrators who can partner with AdMobilize to satisfy their customer’s demand for displays equipped with data analytics functionality.

What has the response been like from integrators?

The response from integrators has been amazing. They are very aware of the convergence between AV and the IT world, and they know that AdMobilize’s solutions help them to keep track of new trends. Through AdMobilize, they can offer features such as analytics, IoT applications, voice and face recognition, which are very attractive to the end-user. These features also solve a big problem for the integrator, since it empowers them to provide better products and services at a very low cost.

How does targeting integrators change your business model?

Our business model considers the type of product and the use-case for each. We like to work closely with our partners to make sure the solutions we provide are cost-effective without fail. Sometimes, we can work with an integrator to develop a fully integrated product feature, but other times it can be licence-based. It will depend on the use case and type of technology. Over the past few years, we have become very effective at identifying the best way to move forward in any given situation.

What are the main verticals you think this analytics platform works best?

In terms of analytics, the most obvious verticals are digital display manufacturers, public and corporate spaces technology integrators, and smart city-focused companies. By using our platform and range of solutions, companies within these verticals can streamline their processes and create much better integrated solutions at a faster pace for a cheaper cost.

Have you made any progress with the Internet of Things through your partnership with NanoLumens?

Over the last year we have made significant progress with NanoLumens, which was one of our first major partnership announcements and continues to be one of our most promising. We cannot speak to the current opportunities right now, but we expect to shine more light on them by the end of the year. They are quite excited!

Do you think the platform could be developed to incorporate advanced technologies such as facial recognition?

Absolutely. We have already worked on a few projects involving facial recognition and advanced technologies like voice recognition and vehicle recognition. The combination of our world class team, our vision, our sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies and our automated processes truly allow us to help integrators take their products and services to another level. That’s why we’re getting so much interest from different regions of the world with various projects. It’s a really exciting time for us.