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Pyramid releases polytouch system

Polytouch is an all-in-one multi-touch system – the first capacitive solution on the market with a 32in screen size and integrated computer system.

Pyramid has launched polytouch – a 32in capacitive Full HD touchscreen system.

The all-in-one multi-touch system uses frameless touchscreen technology that recognises up to 60 touches of multiple users with ultra-low latency (<6ms). If the project application requires peripheral devices such as cameras, card readers, RFID readers or speakers, two customisable extension modules can be attached to the sides of the system. 

With an overall height of less than 8cm and plane surface, the unit is said to be ideal for the integration into PoS counters and can accommodate all common multi-touch applications such as Windows 7 Surface, MT4j and Ubuntu uTouch.

To provide support for the planning and implementation of projects with polytouch, Pyramid has established a partner network of experienced creative agencies and application developers as well as service and hardware partners.