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Polymedia launches all-in-one meeting room solution

Russia-based Polymedia has released a comprehensive meeting and conferencing solution, Flipbox. The device features a range of connectivity options and is compatible with leading videoconferencing solutions.

Russian systems integrator Polymedia has launched Flipbox, an all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and conference halls that can single-handedly replace interactive displays, computers, sound systems, video conferencing terminals and flipcharts.

The multi-functional Flipbox is a 720p flat panel video display with in-build interactive whiteboard function. A USB flash drive provides connectivity to store information on hard drives/memory sticks, and can be used transfer and present files such as Word, Excel, PDF, images and video formats.

The device offers an intuitive interface and is compatible with a number of videoconferencing systems such as LifeSize, Cisco and Polycom.

A wireless network enables internet connectivity, the display and access to emails and social network sites, and the possibility for cloud-based integration in the future. Laptop desktops can also be displayed on the screen over the wireless network without the need for software installation. Furthermore, annotations – via the whiteboard facility – and comments can be made over web-pages and applications.

Moreover, Flipbox requires no configuration and is ready for use immediately after unpacking. After the user logs out of the system, Flipbox securely clears its memory.

“Our main goal when Flipbox creating was, on the one hand, a device that fully satisfies all technical requirements of a potential user and the system integrator for the most arising while equipping a meeting room,” comments Ivan Vahmyanin, head of the Polymedia Development Center and the Flipbox creator. “On the other hand, we wanted the device to be as easy to use as an ordinary flipchart to enable our users quickly and effectively hold business meetings without focusing on the organization of the process and calling for the aid of a whole army of IT specialists every time they have a meeting”.