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Oslo’s Quality Hotel immerses guests with Mitsubishi playout composer content management

Mitsubishi's Electric's Playout Composer content management system is enabling an immersive experience for meetings, conferences and events such as weddings and dinners at the Quality hotel, Oslo.

An immersive setup, which includes a Mitsubishi Electric Playout Composer content management system and WD380U EST ultra-short throw projectors, has been installed at the Quality Hotel, Oslo, Norway.

The kit has gone into a conference room located in the hotel to enhance meetings and conferences as well as other events such as dinners and weddings that take place at the venue.

Images from the WD380U EST ultra-short throw projectors are projected onto three walls in the conference facility, enabling the display of images for presentations and/or the use of whiteboards.

Between the three screens, PlayOut displays pre-loaded content controlled from the touch panel interface, which also controls room features such as audio and lighting. Delegates are able to send images of presentations to the working spaces on the three walls using the control panel. PlayOut Composer handles the edge blending as well as geometry adjustments between the projected images to create a completely seamless panoramic projection.

The content management platform allows various types of content – including video, still images, graphics, RSS feeds, websites, IP cameras and more – to be imported into a single shared workspace, which can then be output to any number of display devices in native resolution.

The PlayOut Composer can also be used with other display devices such as LCD or LED screens. It is fully programmable using its built-in timeline and can respond to external devices such as Crestron and AMX controllers, touchpanels, tablets and even smart phones. Objects created in the PlayOut Composer workspace can be enabled as multi-touch objects with a single mouse click.