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Big beams for old Paris

idesign creates majestic lighting environment at Queen Miami Beach with Cameo

The former Paris Theater in Miami, Florida is a truly legendary venue that has repeatedly contributed to pop culture. Music videos and album covers by Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and other artists have been shot here. Now, the fascinating art-deco-style building is entering a new era: the Queen Miami Beach is as a restaurant with club vibes, that will leave you speechless with its combination of interior and technology. Michael Meacham from idesign was responsible for the award-winning entertainment lighting design (2023 MONDO Awards winner) at Queen Miami Beach and made full use of the Cameo OPUS S5 and ZENIT W300 LED Wash Lights.

Room filling effects 

“We wanted a big-beam look to highlight the large proscenium arch of the old theatre building,” explains Michael Meacham from idesign, who was responsible for the lighting design in collaboration with Lux Populi. “We placed the OPUS S5 behind the arch and let the fixtures shine into the room with dramatic beams.”

The OPUS S5 also show off their light intensity and effect versatility as dance floor fills along the side walls when the Queen transforms itself from a restaurant to a club throughout the evening. “The combination of full-colour mixing, zoom range, gobos, prisms and the animation wheel in the OPUS S5 is impressive and allows us to fill the entire space with patterns and create textures,” he says. “I love the OPUS S5. It’s one of my favourite fixtures from Cameo.”

Versatile downlights

The ZENIT W300 LED Wash Lights were integrated into the eye-catching ceiling structure above the restaurant tables and operate as downlights running in a radial pattern around the central mirror ball. “The W300 are extremely bright for their size and do a fantastic job as wash lights or for full-colour strobe effects,” says Meacham. “You can dominate the whole room with them. Queen Miami Beach is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever worked in. When you walk into the space, it’s breath-taking.”

Project Partners: Queen Miami Beach
  • Architect: Beilinson Gomez Architects
  • Interior design: Samy Chams
  • Entertainment lighting: idesign
  • Architectural lighting: Lux Populi 
  • Installer: Koncept Systems



In addition to Queen Miami Beach, Meacham most recently used the OPUS S5 at the 44 Club in Toronto, Canada – also earning a MONDO Awards nomination. “The way we use the OPUS S5 at the 44 is 180 degrees to the Queen Miami Beach: brutal and in your face. The club has a narrow, rectangular shoe-box design with very high ceilings, so we created a custom grid and placed the OPUS S5 in central positions, complementing the 100+ MOVO BEAM 100s with gobo beams and full-colour mixing,” he explains. 

Project partners: 44
  • Lighting design: idesign
  • Installer: Dymax
The following Cameo products were used at Queen Miami Beach and 44:
Queen Miami Beach:
  • 22x OPUS S5 Spot Moving Head
  • 12x ZENIT W300 LED Wash Light
  • 18x OPUS S5 Spot Moving Head
  • 104x MOVO BEAM 100 Beam Moving Head
  • 02x INSTANT HAZER 1400 PRO Hazer


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