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Orbital supplies BBC theatre upgrade

Orbital Sales met the demand for a flown, decor-matched stereo system, based around two tops and three subs per side. Designed by d&b audiotechnik’s John Taylor and installed by IVC, the system pairs Q1 speakers (with rotatable waveguide) with Q-SUBS.

The theatre can also call on a number of other newly purchased d&b components, including a discreet overhead E0 system, a further pair of Q-SUBS for additional reinforcement as required, B2 subs and M2 monitors. All system control, EQ and delay are handed within d&b audiotechnik’s proprietary R1 software environment.

In other performance venue news, Orbital recently provided a new d&b system to the Cottesloe Theatre – the smallest of the three houses at the National Theatre in London. Replacing a 10-year-old d&b specification, the new system is centred around eight d&b E8 two-way multipurpose loudspeakers and eight E12-Ds, driven by eight D6 dual-channel amplifiers. A remote interface for the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus in each amplifier enables the system to be monitored and ‘health-checked’ via Ethernet.