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Optocore – new software release, Digidesign snake support

The Germany-based networking technology specialist has made a host of new product announcements during PLASA 2010.

The Germany-based networking technology specialist has made several major announcements during the PLASA Show. In addition to a new software release boasting Multiple Emulation Mode (MEM), the company has introduced new firmware for its DD4ME MADI network device (pictured) to allow consoles from Digidesign to operate on its network.

In a move that will further ease the integration of Digidesign systems into installed networks following the Avid subsidiary’s own recent launch of two MADI-supporting solutions, Optocore’s latest firmware enables the coaxial (BNC) ports to function not as MADI, but as Digidesign VENUE’s proprietary coaxial digital snake. Several consoles and racks can be placed on the same network, while an unlimited number of splits of any input channel are possible.

Optocore founder Marc Brunke commented: “With this release, Digidesign’s VENUE consoles and stage racks can be connected via a DD4ME to the Optocore network. The audio flowing between the stage rack and console (or vice versa) can be output via other Optocore devices in the network, thus enabling networking functionality to Digidesign products.”

Meanwhile, the latest Optocore software release, Multiple Emulation Mode (MEM), allows up to four mixing consoles to control Optocore analogue devices, along with an unlimited number of computers. Specific benefits include the capacity for up to four individually-controlled preamps for a single microphone when using Optocore’s dual-mic preamps, thereby yielding real analogue control over a single mic to multiple users.

“In its simplest form, Multiple Emulation Mode allows our users to have the PC connected for matrixing and system diagnostics, while the consoles control the gain of Optocore’s renowned microphone preamps,” noted Brunke. “In more advanced set-ups multiple consoles can control the gain of networked preamps — even if these are different brands, operating in parallel.”

The new MEM software will make a high-profile public appearance when Optocore technology is specified as part of the broadcast centre workflow and signal transportation system for the 19th Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Delhi from 3-14 October.