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ONELAN solution installed by Finnish restaurant

A Finnish restaurant chain has chosen a digital signage solution from ONELAN to create a new image for its outlets and to imporve its marketing.

Ravintolamestarit Oy, Finland, established the Isä Camillo restaurant and bar in 1997 and have since grown into a chain of seven restaurants. The company identified a business opportunity in Kuopio city, which at the time lacked many noteworthy restaurants.

Ravintolamestarit were looking for new and innovative ways to market their business, and on the advice of ONELAN distributor Avek Esitysratkaisut Oy (Avek), decided to invest in digital signage from ONELAN. They wanted to create a new image for their restaurants by using digital signage, and realised that it could also be used as a unique and effective marketing and information delivery channel.

Ravintolamestarit have installed one ONELAN Net Top Box (NTB) 510 publisher unit and six ONELAN NTB 510 subscriber units. The digital signage is managed and controlled using ONELAN’s Digital Signage Manager (DSM).

The content has been created by Ad Kiiwi as well as Ravintolamestarit themselves. Advertising is focused on different customer groups. Staff in each restaurant update information such as lunch time menus and offers on an ad hoc basis. Advertising and other content (images, videos, press releases and so on) are updated centrally every week by Ravintolamestarit Oy. Each screen also has an RSS news feed showing local news.

The digital signage is used to deliver important information from service and product marketing to event information. Revenue from alcohol manufacturers and other advertisers has helped cover the costs of the initial system acquisition. The need for traditional marketing is now said to be minimal; since the installation of digital signage, the use (and cost) of posters and flyers has reduced by 90%.

While Ravintolamestarit are not planning to expand their business further at the moment, the company is planning to maximise the use of digital signage technology for advertising with the assistance of Avek Esitysratkaisut Oy.

“We see ONELAN digital signage as an excellent way of standing out from our competition,” said Erkka Isotalo of Ravintolamestarit. “With digital signage, we are now using our time more efficiently and can now concentrate our resources on other things instead of marketing.”