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New Watchout 3D capability helps pump up launch audience

Dataton launched 3D capabilities for its Watchout software at ISE this year - and Danish company No Parking has been exploiting their potential at a major launch event.

Danish visual design company No Parking has used Dataton Watchout in a global launch event for the water and heat pump manufacturer Grundfos

The final design used seven wide projection screens, arranged as facets of a huge octagon, built at the launch event’s location – a spectacular former railway wagon yard in the German capital, Berlin.

“We like to use multiple projection angles in order to get away from the idea that the screen is something that simply sits behind the presenter,” said Morten Ranmar, MD at No Parking, “In this project, the surface reaches all the way around the audience, so that the guests feel immersed in the multimedia show.”

“For the Grundfos launch, we took it one step further and added a 3D component to five of the seven screens – the one directly behind the presenter and the two on either side. This enabled us to show product images, visual effects and even guest comments ‘leaping out’ from a dynamic background at strategic points in the presentation.”

Each of the 3D screens displayed images from two stereo pairs of projectors, while the remaining two screens – the display surfaces behind the audience – were driven by two 2D projectors each. Content was fed from 15 computers, each running Watchout, and each with dual-output 1,920 x 1,080 HD graphics cards, via a 32 x 32 DVI matrix.

No Parking used Infinitec non-polarising 3D filter technology for the show with Infinitec glasses handed out to guests at the launch event by the show’s hostesses.

“We already had extensive experience of using Watchout to create edge-blended, multiple-projected surfaces across which images could move seamlessly and in sync with other media such as audio,” continued Ranmar.

“For the Grundfos project, once we had visited the event location, taken all the appropriate measurements and gathered all the other technical information we needed, we were able to program the 3D aspects of the show without disturbing our usual workflow. This is a huge benefit when you are producing content for a product launch, because there are always last-minute changes that need to be made and the deadline is absolutely fixed.”

“The combination of large-screen HD imaging, multiple projection angles, surround-sound audio and 3D effects produced a fantastic experience for Grundfos and their customers, and we are sure that we will use Watchout for many similar projects in the future.”