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New rack-mount solution from Mode-AL

Speed Rack 19 is a 19in rack-mount solution designed to improve the speed and ease with which rack-mounted equipment can be installed or serviced.

Mode-AL claims all rack-mounted equipment can be converted to the Speed Rack 19 system using adaptors, which are quickly and simply attached. Speed Rack 19 enclosures can be purchased from licensed manufacturers but existing 19in racks can also be converted to the new system allowing fast, ‘tool-less’ removal or replacement of rack-mounted equipment with a twist of the locking mechanism.

According to Mode-AL, all mounting support and guidance mechanisms are positioned at the side of the equipment, eliminating the need for support angles, rails, slides or brackets and making use of every unit of rack space.

The design of the Speed Rack 19 means that the front of equipment housing no longer needs to be ‘structural’ and offers significant cost savings for manufacturers.