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New Polish museum gets full AV treatment from TRIAS

Polish integrator TRIAS led a team which has brought to life a new museum located under the central square of Krakow.

A new museum in Poland has opened beneath the main square in the city of Krakow, with a team of specialist companies led by integrator TRIAS given the responsibility for bringing it to life.

The exhibition, which focuses on the 800-year history of Krakow, has a total area of around 4,000 square metres, and is based on artefacts discovered during archaeological works conducted between 2005 – 2010. It presents, among other things, the remains of a medieval settlement, with the structural elements of a building which dates back to Boleslaw V the Chase and Cassimir II the Great. Also on show are some 700 everyday objects from the same era.

Multimedia technology is used to present images, feature films, sounds and 3D animations, creating a vivid illusion of the bustling medieval city of Krakow which enables visitors not just to see but to feel the atmosphere of the legendary city in mediaeval time.

NEC touch screens offer visitors the opportunity to magnify each individual exhibit and admire it in three dimensions from various angles. Also in use are RealFiction Dreamoc holographic projectors which are mainly applied to the process of three-dimensional reconstruction of the buildings of the past. The museum also features Panasonic plasma screens; projectors from both Panasonic and Epson; ninety NEXCOM NDiS 163 players; 8-TraXX MP3 players from Alcorn McBride; and more than 600 RGB LED highlighting points. The audio system uses mostly JBL speakers, together with JBL and TruAudio subwoofers, JBL and Bittner transformation devices and amplifiers, Panaphonics Sound Shower loudspeakers and Bittner amplifiers. Processors and mixer are from Extron.

TRIAS also installed a Galaxy burglar alarm system, an Architech Fire System with more than 350 detectors and a voice alarm system from Bosch with more than 100 loudspeakers. An access control system from SATEL was also installed, as was an Avigilon surveillance system with 65 cameras.