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Mounts and furniture: seven solutions for added flexibility

Manufacturers are targeting a range of applications with the latest round of solutions providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility.

Unicol provides flexible Surface Hub solution

The Rhobus stand from Unicol is a dedicated solution for the 55in and 84in versions of the Microsoft Surface Hub that combines structural strength with cabling capacity.

Its modular construction enables PCs and other systems to be arranged in different configurations and the trolley version is easy to manoeuvre with handles that are fitted as standard.

Additionally, it can be customised and branded to customer requirements and some trolley options can nest together to minimise the space the solution takes up.

There are a number of mounting options including wall, floor to wall, stand, and trolley; installation is aided by flat-packed delivery.


Middle Atlantic promotes discreet mounting

The UTB Series Universal TechBox is suitable for mounting equipment such as streaming devices, switchers, and interface accessories discreetly within huddle spaces, conference rooms, and other collaboration environments with limited rack space.

It includes a pair of rackrail and front and rear covers for both 1RU and 2RU sizes and offers security for settings and cable connections by preventing tampering.

The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically without tools and its low-profile design is unobtrusive in corporate environments. It is available in both traditional 19in rackmount and a half-rack and is configurable with all necessary hardware and accessories for both sizes.

The UTB Series is designed for both rackmount and non-rackmount equipment and is suited to small device mounting, it can also accommodate small surge protection devices and the vent pattern allows integrators to tie down these small components with cable/zip ties as is also optimised for cooling airflows.

Middle Atlantic

Arthur Holm’s BYOD ready meeting system

The DynamicX2Share is a retractable monitor that integrates a full HD video distribution and selection system. The solution requires no external devices to distribute, share and select information for a meeting.

Installation is simple and monitors can be daisy-chained using one HDMI cable and it is also a BYOD ready system. Signals for controlling the monitors are also embedded into the HDMI signal so there is no need for additional cabling.

DynamicX2Share includes a built-in control system, but can also be controlled remotely through an external system.

There is also a retractable HDMI cable integrated into the top-table cover plate, which can be used to connect laptops, tablets and other devices. The cover plate can also integrate a mechanism to lift and retract gooseneck microphones: these are equipped with an LED ring, which changes colour from green to red to indicate the readiness of the user to talk.

For added flexibility, any user can choose to control their display by selecting the shared or local signal input. Buttons can be locked remotely through the control protocol and there can also be a ‘chairman’ user with priority over others.

Arthur Holm

Large displays mounting option from Peerless-AV

The DS-VW795-QR Full Service Quick Release Video Wall Mount is designed for large displays, up to 98in and 102kg, with its quick assembly and easy access for maintenance.

Its simple push release mechanism and tool-less adjustment allows quick servicing and maintenance access, providing versatility and convenience for integrators, with estimated install time cut by 60%.

The DS-VW795-QR is particularly useful for recessed videowall installs as it provides access to the rear of the screen without needing to un-mount from the wall; the installer just needs to gently press on the front of the display for access.

Vertical markets with possible applications include high-traffic public areas in transportation and leisure settings, as well as displays in retail and corporate environments.

The mount can be used for a single standalone screen in either portrait or landscape or as part of a larger videowall array. The eight-point micro-adjustment ensures that any display can be quickly aligned and levelled to its surroundings or to the screens around it.


Vogel’s delivers modular accessibility

PVF 4112 videoconferencing furniture can be used as both a standalone model and combined with Vogel’s Connect-it interface bars and interface display strips to mount displays from 55in to 90in or dual displays up to 65in. To create a complete solution the PVF 4112 can also be used with camera and loudspeaker holders.

The modular design ensures unrestricted access to connection points. The interior consists of a separate central compartment to mount a power socket and two 19in rack spaces for horizontal or vertical storage of AV equipment.

The furniture has an integrated cable inlay system and displays can be mounted at various heights.

The slim design and front panel, which opens horizontally, is ideal for use in small rooms. The cabinet can be locked to prevent unauthorised access to the electronic equipment inside.


B-Tech’s System X range offers signage support

The BT9372 videowall stand, part of B-Tech’s System X range, is available in a variety of configurations and for screen sizes between 46in and 60in.

This contemporary bolt-down mounting solution supports all models of videowall screen, and is suited to digital signage applications particularly in retail and other environments with minimal floor space.

It has been designed with a small footprint to enable installation close to windows. It includes tool-less eight point micro-adjustment and a universal screen position spacer to speed up the installation process.

The simple aluminium design of the BT9372 aids integrators during assembly and the online configurator tool allows the user to specify requirements with a choice of over 2,000 configurations for videowall set-ups ranging from 2×2 up to 6×4.


DAS balances adjustability with comfort

The APTIOM is a modular furniture solution specifically designed for 24/7 control room applications in a variety of sectors including aviation and surveillance.

It incorporates a multi-screen mounting system that provides unrestricted adjustment and enables ergonomic positioning. Another advantage is the accessibility to the technology stored inside the console, which benefits system integrators, electrical engineers as well as the maintenance team.

The ergonomic design not only increases efficiency and alertness, but also reduces the risk of error due to fatigue and distraction from discomfort, which improves the user’s ability to monitor and react to critical situations.