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Medialon sets sail on the Celebrity Solstice

The Medialon show control system – which includes one Medialon Manager V5 Pro license, one Medialon Show Control Machine, three Medialon Manager PANEL software licenses and three Rugboards (touchscreen PCs) – serves as the main control system for the entire Solstice Theatre. It enables both timeline- and touchpanel-based operation, and provides control of video tape recorders, DVD recorders, BD/HD-DVD players, HDD video players, video matrix switchers, plasma screens, a video projector, a lighting console, an audio mixer, CD recorder and audio effects processors.

“The main challenge was to get the system running in time during rehearsals in the theatre,” said Ingo Jakobs, project engineer entertainment systems from FUNA. “As always on a new cruise ship, the programming and commissioning time was pretty short but it ended up being a successful approach for all participants.”

Benjamin Saint-Girons, Medialon EMEA sales manager, told II: “Medialon fits perfectly the needs of multipurpose venues such as the Celebrity Solstice Theatre. It allows [users] to control any audiovisual equipment using any protocol and network. When you are on a cruise ship, cabling and system set-up are challenging, so offering an Ethernet-based AV control system is the best solution offered to the integrator.”