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Media Matrix chooses Alcorn McBride players for museum installs

Media Matrix has completed two new museum installations with the support of audio and video equipment from Alcorn McBride. The installations took place at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Capitol Museum and the US Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Nature Center in Oregon.

The Alcorn McBride equipment chosen was their DVM8500 Digital Video Machine for the Oklahoma museum project and both a DVM8500 and AM4 (Professional Digital Audio Player) for the BLM centre.

“Alcorn McBride is my go to company for audio and video delivery,” said Vinnie Cavarra, owner of Media Matrix in Coos Bay. “Their products are top notch and the people couldn’t be better to work with.”

The new “Choctaw Basketry Exhibit” was designed and built by Ko-Kwow LLC, a Coos Bay, Oregon exhibit design/build company.

In 2013, Cavarra had deployed an Alcorn McBride DVM8500 for the Museum’s exhibit on the Choctaw Codetalkers of World War I. “For the basketry exhibit, I again chose the Digital Video Machine because of its reliability and ease of operation,” said Cavarra. “It’s a turnkey system for the client: No maintenance is required ­ it just works!”

The BLM’s Nature Center is the visitors’ centre at the New River Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), located in the Coos Bay District of Southern Oregon.

The exhibit features a large mural with a screen in the center that plays a 10-minute looped slide show accompanied by natural sounds reflecting the changing seasons. Cavarra chose a DVM8500 to play back the video content. The mural also features a series of buttons that visitors can press to listen to an animal soundtrack, which is generated by an AM4 digital audio player.

“Alcorn McBride is a company that truly partners with me on these projects,” concluded Cavarra. “Director of sales, Scott Harkless is very supportive, and product manager, Mike Polder is great with technical solutions. They’re great people, very willing and available to help with set up and trouble-shooting. They’re absolutely phenomenal to work with.”