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Massteknik debuts its new Diamond Vision screen in Trafalgar Square

The screen was one of eleven systems provided by the Swedish company for the BP Summer Big Screens programme – a series of free outdoor events up and down the UK. This year was the fourth year the company has provided large screen video systems for Trafalgar Square.

Massteknik’s new Diamond Vision screen is one of the largest high-resolution mobile video screens in Europe at over 70sq m. Delivered just one week before its appearance in London, Massteknik’s new Diamond Vision screen has also appeared at the GP Live racing at Donington Park, horse racing at Goodwood and several other high-profile public events as far apart as London and Gothenburg. Massteknik operates 14 mobile screens around Europe, providing systems for a wide variety of prestigious events such as the Formula One Grand Prix, various motor shows, television shows, film festivals and concerts – and every Olympic Games since 1998.

Christopher Milnes, managing director of Massteknik UK, commented, “We are delighted with the new Diamond Vision system. It has performed extremely well at today’s event. Diamond Vision has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, and the OD12 in particular is a very versatile screen, which is obviously an important quality to have in a rental system.”

Milnes added that Diamond Vision’s long-term performance was an important consideration in the choice: “Being a tried and tested technology, we can have a great deal of confidence that screen uniformity and light output will remain good over a long period of time. A system like this is a significant investment, so build quality and longevity are very important factors in our ability to generate a return on that investment.”

Mitsubishi Electric has stated that its 12mm OD12 screen has proved an extremely popular all-round screen technology in both modular rental format and fixed installation.