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Low-cost paging system from Australian Monitor

The 16-zone system incorporates a 100V line speaker switcher and zone paging microphone, as well as offering support for a background music source.

The Zoner 16 differs from Australian Monitor’s other zone products as it is an output switching system (rather than a matrix switcher like the Digipage, ZRM4 and ZoneMix3). This means that unlike conventional matrix switchers, which require an amplifier per zone, the most basic Zoner 16 system needs only a single amplifier to cover up to 16 zones.

Once connected to the power amplifier, up to 16 zones of 100V line speakers can be connected to the rear of the Zoner 16; when a zone is paged from the remote paging mic, that output zone (speaker load) is simply connected to the amplifier so that it receives a signal.

Any combination of zones (including All Call) can be paged via the remote mic (which connects to the Zoner 16 via Cat5). If background music is required, a second power amplifier is added to provide zones with music unless they are being paged.

The system also features an Emergency Mic Input so that a security mic (or an emergency signal) can run through the Zoner 16 and (via a contact closure) is automatically routed to all zones.