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Latvian dance school installed with new Tannoy audio system

Latvia’s Jurmala Dance Centre has been equipped with new professional loudspeaker and lighting systems featuring Tannoy’s VX 8 Series and Robe’s ACE LED lighting Spots.

Latvia’s Jurmala Dance Centre has been equipped with a new audio solution centred on loudspeakers from Scottish-based manufacturer Tannoy.

Opened in January 2012, the dance studio offers dance lessons for a broad range of tastes, from classic and ballet to club dance, hip-hop and even further afield.

Latvian integrator Unique was enlisted to design and install the full audio and intelligent lighting system, with the instruction to provide a powerful and good quality sound system that was easy to use and would offer long term reliability.

The largest hall of the two main dance halls – at a size of 140sqm – was installed with four Tannoy VX 8s, supplemented with two VS 15BP subwoofers. Power for the system arrives from APart Audio’s CHAMP-3D digital amplifiers with an American Audio UCD200 CD/USB/MP3 player as source. Meanwhile lighting is courtesy of 24 Robe Light Ace LED spots, which satisfy the flexible lighting requirements.

The smaller hall – at a size of 67sqm – had a similar system, except with only two VX 8s and one VS 15BP sub.

In the corridors, changing rooms, lobby and gym room, Unique opted for a mix of Tannoy’s CVS 6 in-ceiling loudspeakers and the DVS Series, complemented with a TS 10 subwoofer. This system is also powered by APart amplifiers.

“We chose Tannoy because of the compact design and superior sound offered by their new VX series loudspeakers,” said Rihards Rubenis of Unique. “They are doing the job very well, and to be honest, even we were surprised at the clarity and power the system delivers to the dance floor!”

“We used the Tannoy DVS 6 for Gym Hall together with a Tannoy TS 10 subwoofer, and I have to admit that the sound in there is like in a night club – massive and clear! For a price vs performance ration, the DVS is unparalled. The CVS 6 loudspeakers were used for other rooms, and they are perfect for background music.”

Vera Sidorova, Director of the Jurmala Dance Center, commented: “Our goal was to have a powerful and crystal clear sound in main dance halls. When we heard the Tannoy audio system installed, it was clear that the goal had been reached. The Tannoy loudspeaker system literally fill the dance halls with outstanding sound. What we liked so much is that the sound is not disturbing, it is soft but powerful, and that is a perfect combination for the students at Jurmala Dance Center.”

TC Group, which owns brands Tannoy, White Acoustics, Lab.gruppen and Lake, recently announced the appointment of Mark Flanagan as marketing manager for all the aforementioned names.

He will now be responsible for international marketing activity across all channels for the brands.

Flanagan has a total of seven years marketing management experience in the MI sector prior to joining Tannoy in 2008. 

He commented: I’m energised by the prospect of engagin in the wider strategic marketing of what is an enviable portfolio of brands – and across a diverse range of market segments including consumer hi-fI, as well as more familiar territories of install and touring audio. We’ve formed a highly skilled and close-knit team here at Coatbridge, and it’s a privilege to remain a core element of that going forward.”