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Coda Audio powers mega concert for Jean-Michel Jarre in Slovakia

Legendary French pioneer of electronic music specifies Coda system for ‘Bridge From the Future’ show at STARMUS festival, Bratislava, Solvakia, in front of 100,000 fans

The legendary French pioneer of electronic music Jean-Michel Jarre specified Coda Audio system’s for his ‘Bridge From the Future’ show at the recent STARMUS festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, in front of 100,000 fans. His gig opened STARMUS, a science and music festival founded by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and astrophysicist Dr Garik Israelian.

The goal of STARMUS is to unite science, art, and music to explore critical questions about the future of the planet. The concert involved contributions from Brian May, the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and a 19-strong chorus form the Slovak Philharmonic Choir, delivered from the largest stage ever constructed in Slovakia.

Experienced audio engineer Christophe Dupin and his team were responsible for creating the system.

Dupin deployed Coda’s flagship AiRAY system, supplemented by CiRAY, N-RAY, ViRAY, HOPS8 (for monitoring) and SC2-F and SCP sensor controlled subs. A total of 288 loudspeakers were used. This took care of the main stage, as well as two delay setups which ensured total coverage of the audience area.

Given the visually spectacular nature of the performance, it was important for the production that the audio system was discreet and, as much as possible, did not interfere with audience sight-lines, fireworks, drone footage and AI-generated visuals.

Jean-Michel Jarre with Queen’s Brian May

Dupin said: “The reaction from everyone was to say that it was amazing and that people had never heard that kind of power from such small boxes. With the AiRAY, only 12 boxes per side covered around 100 metres and we still had plenty of headroom – the music is very punchy.”

The use of Audio’s proprietary prediction tool System Optimiser enabled the team to achieve even coverage and impressive throw, as well as tonal balance throughout. Coda’s patented technologies mean that the ‘family’ of loudspeakers which make up its range are designed to be used together and interchangeably.

David Webster, global sales and marketing director for Coda Audio commented: “This was a real challenge for system and engineers alike. The show was on a huge scale and extremely varied – from a masterclass in electronic music to the orchestra and choir – not to mention Brian May’s distinctive guitar – but the team ensured that everyone in the audience, no matter what their position, heard everything with fantastic clarity.”

He concluded: “Even when Jean-Michel took to the mic to address the crowd, the quality was consistent for even the most distant listener. We are very proud to have been responsible for a key part in the delivery of the stunning Bridge From the Future show.”