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Interview: Ciaran Skinner, Globall Coach

Globall Coach software has evolved from a tool devised by football coach Rafael Benitez, who wanted an uncomplicated way of creating, storing and calling up tactics without relying on pen and paper. They have developed a relationship with Sharp and supply Globall Coach as a full solution utilising Sharp’s Big Pads, however the software is fully cross platform.

It has been used by a host of clubs as well as the Wales national team, who made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 this month. We get the thoughts of Ciaran Skinner, special projects manager at Globall Coach.

When did football start to embrace technology and what do you think triggered the change in attitudes?

The drive to find the marginal gains, improving every aspect of football. So areas such as sports science, health and welfare and coaching techniques. That’s where technology can help and clubs are open to embracing new ideas. Attitudes to improve have always been present and the game hasn’t changed it’s principles, however technology and solutions haven’t always been accessible/available.

Especially solutions specific for football, rather than finding yourself in a position where you are bending other software to your needs. That’s one of the reasons Globall Coach has been validated and successful, because it’s derived from football and provides the perfect solution for staff working in football.

What rate of adoption of this software are you targeting?

The software is available for everyone working in football. From the top of the game in associations such as FA Wales and clubs such as Sporting Kansas City in North America. We also have Globall Coach Jr, specifically built for the different needs of youth and grassroots football.

Are there plans to add more functionality in the near future?

The product is never off the table. We work closely with our users and work with each others insight to drive the development of Globall Coach. New features are driven from the game itself, makes for a good synergy. People in football can tell immediately it’s come naturally from football.

Microsoft has reportedly shown interest, has anything come from that?

We’re talking to a number of big companies, such as Microsoft. There’s a particular liking to what we do and our approach as enterprise software. The door is always open to work together, share insight and skill bases, all to drive a better solution for the end-user.

Outside of sport, what other sectors do you think this software could be applicable?

Firstly, we plan to roll out to other sports. Using the same approach as football, coming from within the game working closely with top practitioners to create a natural solution. Outside of sport, we’ve the platform to look into military and we’ve recently held discussions with how we can provide a solution for a leading company in the financial sector.

“Globall Coach has been essential for us in our preparation for matches at Euro 2016. It allows us as coaches to illustrate the details required to the players,” Osian Roberts, the Welsh FA’s technical director.