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Imago offers discounts to VaaS-t videoconferencing users

Imago Group is offering subscribers to its Cloud-based videoconferencing service, VaaS-t, the opportunity to purchase quality endpoints at discounted prices.

Accessible via a web link, the hosted VaaS-t service delivers telepresence-quality videoconferencing to devices including desktop or laptop PCs, tablets, iPhones and Android mobiles. VaaS-t subscribers can now claim up to a 30% discount on the Polycom RealPresence Group 300 solution, including the EagleEye Acoustic camera, which is designed for small meeting rooms and offices. The combined package will be called the ‘VaaS-t Box’.

For customers who buy a Group 300 and don’t already subscribe to VaaS-t, Imago is offering two VaaS-t accounts for six months completely free of charge. Each account will provide an eight-seat virtual meeting room, allowing the user to invite up to eight guests, and would normally cost £49 per month per account. Both offers are being made available through Imago’s VaaS-t reseller channel.

“Our specialist reseller partners are in a position to incentivise existing subscribers who want a dedicated VC hardware product including high quality camera, speakers and microphone, by offering them the VaaS-t Box,” said Ian Vickerage, managing director at Imago Group. “At the same time, if a customer invests in a Polycom RealPresence Group 300 solution, they get the bonus of two VaaS-t accounts, which provide easy-to-use online videoconferencing.”

The offer is particularly aimed at customers who want to upgrade their hardware to a room system. Combining this with the VaaS-t service will provide them with unlimited online video and audio conferencing with telepresence quality and the ability to invite guests using just about any web-connected device anywhere in the world.

“We expect to add other endpoints into the VaaS-t Box offer over the next few months depending on the response from our resellers,” concluded Vickerage.