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Humantechnik secures communication with PRO IR-200

Humantechnik has developed an infrared emitter/modulator solution for communication in venues where secure connections are paramount, such as courtrooms and conferences.

Humantechnik‚Äôs Pro IR-200 infrared emitter/modulator is designed for clear, secure communication in venues such as conferences and courtrooms. The device is designed with a wide transmission angle to maximise coverage area up to 2,000sqft. It maintains consistent coverage with up to 100ft of cable and up to two slave transmitters. Placing a slave on the opposite side of the same room allows participants to move freely about a space. A single Cat5 cable carries both power and signal to slaves. The sturdy digital communications bus between master and slave units reduces possible interference during transmission. Separate audio inputs for each channel (2.3/2.8MHz), symmetric and asymmetric, enable use both in stereo or separately in mono transmission. If using only one single channel, the Pro IR-200 concentrates its performance on that one and consequently doubles the transmission range. Additionally the Green-Power Function deactivates the infrared diodes after three minutes when no audio signal is active, reducing power consumption by 80%.