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Household goods maker selects Barco

To accommodate Miele’s specific needs, Barco developed a three-sided MegaCADWall solution. Containing a total of eight three-chip DLP 3D stereo projectors and the XDS-1000 display management system, the MegaCADWall is capable of rendering both 2D and 3D sources simultaneously in multiple windows. Its Windows interface and mouse-and-keyboard operation allow direct access to and control of all local and networked sources.

In immersive mode, the MegaCADWall can be used to simulate a kitchen environment in immersive mode. Alternatively, the main screen can be used for detailed, 1:1 or enlarged product rendering, while the side screens contain other vital information such as spreadsheets, diagrams and remote sources.

“Barco’s MegaCADWall caused a major paradigm shift in the way we look at design and can imagine what a future appliance will look like,” commented Andreas Enslin, head of the Miele Design Center. “The system has not only met but exceeded our expectations. The speed that we have gained will result in a significant increase of our accomplishments and working range. Basically, we hold true to the standard that the Miele design has to express the premium character of our products. Our good reputation is essentially determined by our design. This has always been the case, and will always remain this way.”