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Hotels – AMX delivers five star services at Greek resort

The Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini melds restored 300-year-old traditional dwellings with AMX-driven automation systems to create a stunning cliff-top retreat.

The Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini melds restored 300-year-old traditional dwellings with AMX-driven automation systems to create a stunning cliff-top retreat. Perched dramatically on volcanic rock, 380 metres above sea level, the Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini commands unrivalled views of both the caldera and the island’s famous sunsets, reputed to be amongst the most beautiful in the world. Comprised of a collection of 300 year old traditional dwellings that were all but destroyed in an earthquake in the mid 1950s, the Kapari has been meticulously restored and brought firmly into the 21st century with an enviable, five star specification.
 Combining traditional design with modern technological convenience, the Kapari’s AMX-driven automation systems have been seamlessly integrated so as to ensure that this cliff-top retreat is equally well positioned to meet the technological needs of today’s discerning guests.
Located in the village of Imerovigli, the Kapari is a showcase for Cycladitic architecture. A collection of low-lying, cubical, limewashed buildings that extend back into the surrounding stone, the hotel has been lovingly restored with advanced methods to combat the humidity typical of underground structures.@page_break@Each offering an unobstructed view of the caldera, the Kapari’s rooms, suites and private residences have been luxuriously appointed. As well as their king size beds, pillow menus and Jacuzzi bathtubs, the rooms also boast the latest in technological luxury with scene-setting lighting, interactive flat panel HDTVs with satellite channels and on-demand services, a comprehensive high-definition movie library, Wi-Fi/Ethernet and Internet radio. The Kapari suite even boasts its own gym and home theatre. And, in order to ensure that this technology enhances rather than detracts from the guests’ in-room experience, each room also features an easy to use and intuitive control system from AMX. Installed by Greek systems integrator, Zabelis Ioannis, this comprehensive control solution, built around core AMX architecture, ensures that the Kapari’s transient guest population feels immediately at home in, and in control of, these state-of the-art environments.
 Seamlessly integrated so as not to distract from minimalist, contemporary interior, innovative AMX technology delivers simple control of temperature, lighting and blinds, communicating with the built-in systems to give guests the environment they need, when they need it. Sophisticated control of complex systems is made straightforward thanks to a range of wall-mounted AMX touchpanels which give guests fingertip control of automation elements for their own comfort and convenience. Each room has its own dedicated NetLinx controller for managing the installed systems; ensuring that the disparate technologies and operating platforms are fully integrated as part of the control solution. Each controller is also connected through a M2M communication with the reception controllers so that the receptionist can ‘prepare’ the room, or even help guests control the room remotely.@page_break@
It is the simplicity of the user interface and the integration provided by the AMX system that makes this all possible. In the hotel’s world-class restaurant, the dining experience is enhanced with the use of an AMX Tango unit for distributing music to all areas, including the terrace. Meanwhile, the NetLinx controller in the boiler room handles scheduled functions like turning lights on and off, and feeds-back the status of systems such as the alarms and the oil levels. A powerful facility management tool, the AMX system gives the Kapari’s owners overarching control capabilities, allowing them to access system functions and information both locally and remotely from touchpanel, PC or even their smart device. In this way, the system helps to ensure that the hotel operates in an integrated manner and to maximum efficiency; maximising both the guest experience and the owners’ technological investment. With its bespoke charm and high-tech specification, the Kapari is a showcase for how innovative AMX technology can add value to a hospitality offering. This comprehensive and unified solution enhances full facility management, increases guest satisfaction and affords an important competitive advantage, all the time ensuring that the Kapari experience is every bit as memorable as the sunset!