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Historic Vietnamese hotel chooses compact yet powerful Fulcrum Acoustic solution

A bar and restaurant within Vietnam's Hotel Metropole Hanoi has been kitted out with a discreet Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeaker solution to match the prestige of the hotel.

The angelina bar and restaurant within Vietnam’s Hotel Metropole Hanoi has been kitted out with a Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeaker solution to match the hotel’s high standing. It’s history dates back to 1901 when it first welcomed famous actors, ambassadors and heads of state from around the globe. 

DesignLive Technologies was selected to implement the new sound system, but due to the prestigious standing of the world’s first Sofitel Legend hotel, there was no shortage of vendors proposing audio solutions.

angelina’s highly reflective brass, decorative tile and glass finishes required careful engineering and clean, precise output to minimise reflections and ensure high intelligibility. Compact yet powerful, high-performing loudspeakers were necessary to integrate into the venue’s tight floor plan without detracting from its visually stunning interior design.

“Our client demanded angelina’s sound system be of the highest quality and as discreet as possible,” said DesignLive’s Thu Ta. “A number of other integrators proposed large, unwieldy loudspeakers and subwoofers that would conflict with the lounge’s architectural motifs and tight spaces which include low ceilings in many areas.”

“Through EASE modelling, we designed a configurable distributed sound system with Fulcrum’s compact Prophile Series coaxial loudspeakers and VLF Install high-performance subwoofers,” explained Thu. “12 Prophile P 8in two-way coaxial loudspeakers deliver the wide dispersion and high SPLs we needed from visually unobtrusive horizontal enclosures significantly smaller than those with offset drivers and horns. We deployed three low-profile Fulcrum Sub112 single 12in subwoofers and two US212 dual 12in subs, which seamlessly integrate into furniture fittings to provide ‘invisible’ but powerful low frequency extension.”

“angelina’s distributed design creates an immersive 360° soundstage in the luxurious, high ceilinged, main cocktail bar area where the DJ is focused,” stated Thu. “The closer quarters of the dining coves and exclusive whisky lounge enjoy a smooth, uniform audio experience with the Prophile P’s 100° x 100° coverage pattern.

Our client is very pleased to have a sound system appropriate for such a historic and refined hospitality venue.”